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How do I get from the airport to my hotel?

The easiest way from Lisbon Airport to Cascais and Estoril is to take an Uber. Uber is extremely easy to use in Portugal and surprisingly cheap! However, the app doesn't have the best guidance for finding the Uber pickup location at the airport. Luckily, there's a short YouTube video ( to show you where to go once you pick up your bags and clear immigration.

I don't understand your dress codes! What the heck am I supposed to wear?!

Sorry if we confused anyone!

For Thursday, when we say come as you are, we mean it! Shorts, t-shirts, sun dresses -- anything goes!

For Friday, it's "smart casual." Maybe not such a smart idea since we've had so many people ask what that means! Just wear what you would wear to a decent restaurant in your hometown. We hope this helps!

For Saturday, it's cocktail attire. For men, we mean suits or any other comprable outfit you would wear to a formal wedding that is not black tie. For women, a nice dress. Please do not show up in a tux or a ball gown (unless of course you're in the wedding party or just really feeling like you want to dress to impress!).

I want to get my hair and nails done before the festivities. Where can I get that done?

Here are some options!

Inside the Miragem:
Miragem Salon: +351 214864369 (call to book)



Isabel Cotrim:
Reverse: (this salon is the closest to our venue)

**It is highly recommended to make appointments!

How can I plug in my phone and other electronics so I can make sure to take tons of photos?

The power outlets and voltage in Europe differ from that in the US. If you want to plug in most of your electronics, all you'll need is a travel adapter that's compatible with Type C or F sockets (in use throughout Europe). Since nearly all electronics (iPhones, laptops, etc.) are compatible with both 120V (USA) and 220V (Europe) outlets, you DO NOT need a voltage converter. However, many hair dryers and hair irons are not dual voltage, so if you plan to bring your own, you'll likely need a converter (although many hotel bathrooms in Europe have a dual voltage outlet for this reason).

When we travel, we like to bring a surge protector or multi-plug so that we can plug in multiple items using just one adapter.

What is the time in Portugal? I don't want to be late to the festivities!

Portugal is 5 hours ahead of Eastern time.

How do I call home?

We know, this whole country code business is foreign to a lot of you! If you need to call the USA, hold down the 0 button until the + sign appears, then dial 1, the area code, and number (+1-xxx-xxx-xxxx). If you need to call somewhere in Portugal, the country code is 351 and the phone nubers are nine digits long. Hold down 0 to get +, then dial 351 and the number (+351-xxx-xxx-xxxx).

What's the weather going to be?

Right now it looks like it'll be sunny and low 70s during the day and low 60s at night (perfect, if you ask us!). Luckily, Portugal is not feeling the effects of the heat wave sweeping across the rest of Europe right now.

Cascais and Estoril are generally about 5-10 degrees cooler than Lisbon due to their location right on the ocean, so make sure you enter one of these cities, rather than Lisbon, when searching for a forecast. Or, you can just click here to see the weather!

How do you pronounce the names of these towns?

If you want to sound like a local when you get to Portugal, it helps to learn the name of the city you're going to! Click here to learn how to say Cascais. To say Estoril properly, just say it without the o. Sintra is pronounced phonetically.

Should I get Euros before I leave or once I get there?

Honestly, it's completely up to you. It really depends on your banking situation and the fees you may get charged to use a foreign ATM. One of our accounts has no foreign conversion fee and unlimited ATM fee rebates worldwide, while the other has a 3% foreign converstion fee and ATM fees of $5 plus whatever the local ATM charges. If you have a no-fee account, then it makes sense to use an ATM in Portugal to get money. If you have loads of fees like our other account, it may make sense to get Euros before you leave.

But, at the end of the day, most locations take credit cards, and you'll get the best exchange rate paying that way. Just make sure the card that you pay with has no foreign transaction fee.

Do I need to tip in Portugal?

In many situations, no. But, click here for a handy guide to read to be sure you tip where appripriate!
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