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Things to Do

Cascais and Estoril

  • Attractions
    • Centro Historico de Cascais (shopping and restaurants)
    • Guincho Beach (look into renting a bike to ride from the center of town to the beach, which is famous for surfing)
    • Mercado da Vila (large central market)
    • Boca do Inferno/"Mouth of Hell" (scenic cliff formation)
    • Museu Caondes de Castro Guimarães (art and Portuguese history museum housed in former aristocrat's summer home)
    • Museu do Mar/Museum of the Sea (Cascais seafaring museum)
    • Fortaleza da Cidadela (1400s defense fort turned royal residence turned modern-day hotel and arts district)
  • Restaurant Recommendations
    • Reserva da Villa
    • 5 Sentidos
    • Fortaleza Do Guincho (Michelin starred restaurant)
    • Jardim dos Frangos (piri piri chicken)
    • Mar do Inferno (amazing cliffside views)
    • House of Wonders (yes, our Thursday welcome drinks spot!)
    • Miguel Laffan at Atlantico Bar & Restaurant
    • Restaurante Armazem 22 (steakhouse)
    • Taberna Economica de Cascais (great little hole in the wall)
    • Lamassa (homemade pasta)
    • Santini (BEST ice cream around!)


  • Getting There
    • Take an Uber! Sintra is only about 15 minutes from Cascais and Estoril. Also, private tours are available from companies such as Sintra Magik ( and they may be able to pick you up at your hotel.
  • Attractions
    • Pena Palace (arrive early and buy tickets online to save time --
    • Sintra National Palace
    • Quinta de Regaleria
    • Castelo dos Mouros/Castle of the Moors
    • Palacio de Monserrate/Monserrate Palace
    • Cabo da Roca (westernmost point in continental Europe)
    • Centro Historico de Sintra (center of town)
  • Restaurant Recommendations
    • Icomum
    • Nau Palatina
    • A Raposa
    • Harkos
    • Azenhas do Mar
    • A Piriquita
    • Bar do Fundo
    • Moinho Dom Quixote


  • Getting There
    • Take an Uber or the train
  • Attractions
    • Castelo de S. Jorge/São Jorge Castle
    • Torre de Belém/Belém Tower
    • Jerónimos Monastary
    • Elevador de Santa Justa/Santa Justa Lift
    • National Coach Museum
    • Neighborhoods to explrore: Alfama, Bairro Alto, and Chiado
    • LX Factory (we highly recommend for after dinner)
    • Take a ride on Lisbon's iconic Tram 28
  • Restaurant Recommendations

For those of you visiting Lisbon with kids, here is a great resource:
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